Israel Adesanya Will Not Shake Hands With Marvin Vettori After UFC 263

Israel Adesanya will not be playing nice with Marvin Vettori following their rematch at UFC 263.

UFC 263 will see a rematch in the middleweight division when champion Adesanya takes on Vettori in the main event. Since the last time these two have met, the bad blood between them has grown.

Many times in sports, a rivalry is strong until the game is over, and then the two can make peace. That may not be the case with these two. Adesanya is adamant that he will not bury the hatchet with Vettori following their upcoming bout.

“He didn’t shake my hand after the last fight after I whoop his a–, so, after I whoop his a– again, I won’t let him shake my hand,” Adesanya told Combat TV. “I’ll leave no doubt in his head that he’s not even on my level. He’s not the fighter of my caliber, that’s the point I’m trying to prove to him.”

Leading up to the bout the two had another chance to go at it. The feud between them got even more heated at the UFC 263 pre-fight press conference. Adesanya and Vettori were yelling at each other and had a very intense face-off. Adesanya seems very confident that this next fight will end similar to the first.

“They already know. They’ve seen it. It’s time because, after my last fight, people do this to me. They forget and think, ‘oh, he sucks.’ Then I come in and I whoop someone crazy and they’re like ‘oh s–t.’”

Who do you think takes home the belt at UFC 263?

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