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Conor McGregor drowned his sorrows in a huge new boat (Photo)

Conor McGregor is healing up from a leg break in the Octagon but at least he can do it in style, on a new huge yacht. 

Conor McGregor is having to spend some time on the sideline after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. McGregor broke his leg in the first round of the main event trilogy fight against Poirier and needed to have surgery after to fix it. Now he will likely be out of competition for a year in order to heal completely. In true McGregor style, he will be spending his rehab in the luxurious style he is used to. McGregor took ownership of a brand new limited edition Yacht.

“My Lamborghini yacht is ready,” McGregor boasted on Instagram.

The former two-division champion is not faring too well in the Octagon lately, having lost his last two, but he is winning in the financial department. The boat is said to have cost $3.6 million, according to TMZ. McGregor ordered the boat last year and is now ready to hit the water. There were only 63 of these boats made and McGregor has chosen to take hold of No. 12 to pay homage to his Proper No. 12 whiskey.

McGregor is earning the big bucks even while he loses.

McGregor seems to have his finances all set and as the highest-paid fighter on the UFC roster and doesn’t really seem to have to fight. He is now dealing with the worst injury he has suffered in the Octagon but he is still determined to fight on. He took to Instagram to address his fans right after being released from the hospital. He basically said that he will do what he needs to to get better and then he is back on a mission for gold.

McGregor has dropped to No. 9 in the official UFC rankings, the lowest he has been since becoming a champion and has fallen completely off the pound-for-pound list. However, this year he’s No. 1 on Forbes’ richest athletes list.


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