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Conor McGregor is already back in the gym following devastating leg break

Conor McGregor has shared photographs of a gym return following injury. 

Fans are still digesting the chaotic outcome of the July 10 clash between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. McGregor suffered a broken tibia in the final seconds of the first round, reminiscent of Chris Weidman’s sickening snap just a few months ago. Fans left the arena void of a definitive conclusion to the bitter rivalry, and Poirier saw his hand raised once again.

After posting an upbeat, hopeful video update just a few days ago, McGregor’s fortified mindset seems to have held up through the adversity of the situation. Now, just two weeks after the Las Vegas showdown, McGregor has shared photographs of a gym return.

Fight fans have become accustomed to McGregor’s ability to take losses on the chin. Once again he has displayed a stoic approach.

“Life is not about what happens to us. But how we handle what happens to us,” McGregor wrote.

Will Conor McGregor fight again?

The pessimist within us may have drawn the conclusion that the McGregor era is well and truly over. With just one victory in the past five years, the leg break seemed to be the nail in the coffin. However, fans opinions may be swayed as he continues to update the world on his recovery. After news emerged that he entered the fight with significant injuries to the leg, a return to form will no doubt be a daunting task. But if we, as fight fans, have learned one thing since 2013, it’s this … do not doubt McGregor.

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